No flickers. No frame-drops. All the drama.

Cingularity bring network innovation and an environmental conscience to live video broadcast.

We play a vital role in stitching together all the action, syncing multiple feeds and serving the crucial shot without dropping the ball.

Welcome to Cingularity. We specialise in bespoke, live video networking and production solutions. We understand the transmission demands of the media industry and deliver quality contribution network designs, primary distribution services and remote production solutions in some of the most challenging broadcasting environments.

We obsess over quality to ensure live means live. This means engineering things properly from the get-go. We specialise in true remote production and are able to overcome poor local access issues that often cause unwelcome frame-drops, latency and production headaches. We do what’s right – not what’s easiest.

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We collaborate to find the best solution and have the autonomy and creativity to make it work.

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