What we do

We operate at each stage along the remote production workflow – offering a full spectrum of end-to-end services


End-to-End Remote Production Services

We operate at each stage along the remote production workflow and offer each component of the chain as a stand-alone service as well as combining multiple components to form full end-to-end remote production solutions. Like a remote production ‘pick ’n mix’.

Every event is different – be it the local connectivity challenge, the arena set-up or the camera feeds. There is no one size fits all for this kind of work; no off-the-shelf solution.

The Full spectrum

We operate at each stage along the remote production workflow

Diverse Content Capture

We build custom solutions to best meet the broadcasting need and offer a specialist multi-feed event coverage service that enables in-the-moment, diverse content capture: the foundation for multi-perspective viewing for our customers’ customers.

Time is a precious commodity in live events. We make things easy. We adapt to each situation and make a plan in real time when the unexpected happens (which it often does in live TV).

Cingularity do all of this in a way that aims to lessen the growing impact of live events on the environment.

* LIVELAB development

We believe in forming our own opinions of technology, and to adapt it to suit us rather than the reverse.

Previous projects have included creating network cleaning functionality to help secure video throughput on poor quality local access networks without noticeably sacrificing latency.

We are currently evaluating encoding vendors to develop a solution for low bandwidth but high quality/low latency scenarios.

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